Water Sports Company For Your Next Visit To Destin

Check Out Sunshine Destin To Enjoy Water Sports Activities In Destin, Florida 

Watersports in Destin are a popular pastime for both visitors and locals. With the emerald green water surrounding the little slice of paradise being the most popular attraction in Destin, it’s no surprise that so many people travel to this area to bask in the sun on white sandy shores while gazing out on the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you have been to Destin and seen the water for yourself, chances are you have been tempted to dip your toes in, so this guide has tried to compile a few different Destin watersports activities to try. There’s a watersports activity for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or budget, from relaxing sunset cruises to thrilling jet ski rides! For this, you will need to look for a water sports rental company to fulfill your requirements. Here is where www.sunshinedestin.com comes in handy.


Who wouldn’t want to go fishing in the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village? You can rent a fishing boat and fishing poles and navigate the waters searching for that trophy fish. Or, if you are not well at that, you may hire a guide to teach you the basics of fishing in Destin, Florida, or go on a fishing charter and let the experts do the work. Destin has the closest deepwater access in the northern gulf, and the fishing is excellent!

A day out with family

Rent a boat and an inflatable tube and spend the day laughing, smiling, and making memories as you watch the kids (or adults) skim across the surface of the water, splashing in the wake of the boat. This is indeed an ideal way to spice up your Destin vacation with some watersports fun!

Destin water sports

You can’t forget Carb Island. 

Take the Crab Island Shuttle Boat or rent a boat and anchor on the sandbar for a lazy day floating on the water at Destin’s most popular hangout spot. Park away from the crowds to listen to your music, or pull in closer to hear a live band on a floating stage. Kids can bounce on the giant inflatable trampoline or slide into the water on an inflatable slide. Floating restaurants and mobile food vendors (on boats) round out the one-of-a-kind setting found only in Destin.

The kayaks

Kayaks are inexpensive, enjoyable, and a great way to incorporate some exercise into your vacation. Soak up the rays, paddle through the harbor, and take in the scenery as you pass million-dollar waterfront homes, vacationers strolling along the boardwalk, boats passing by, and marine life so close you can touch it.

If you love water, you cannot miss out on these few water activities mentioned in the guide. This is just a part of activities you can do in Destin, Florida, as it has more to explore.

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